Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy World Environment Day!

How appropriate...the price hike for petrol in Malaysia falls on the World Environment Day. The UNEP website has come up with a list of 80 ways to celebrate the Environment Day and every other day as well. How did you celebrate the day? With petrol getting expensive, we might experience inflation. And what are our strategy to control our financial situation? I think this is the time for us to conserve energy, not only fuel but electricity and water as well. I'm thinking of lessening my car rides and jog to work instead.....kind of a healthy idea isn't it...but we'll see. I wonder what Malaysia would be in the next 5 years with all the inflation and price hike. Maybe people will start riding bicycles to work. Maybe more efficient and systematic public transportations for commuters. Maybe hybrid electric cars will be introduced to the country...for the ones that can afford them. Maybe people would eat-at-home rather than dine-out. Maybe people would start recycling, and composting, make handmade reusable materials to earn extra money and income. Maybe a whole new greener world. Right now I am vision of many positive outcomes from this situation. If we adopt this positive thinking we might achieve them altogether...

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