Thursday, June 19, 2008

Polystyrene Tree to save Planet Earth!

Take a look at this picture. See that tree behind the three figures.(Joanna Bessey is center) That's made out of Styrofoam. Did you know that polystyrene have no expiry date? These are the very things that we should eliminate from our lives because they are considered as instant waste.
I wrote to Joanna Bessey about it and I'm waiting for her reply.

"I watched the official launched on the Breakfast Show NTV7. I am not pleased with the tree prop that is made from the Styrofoam. What a way to say "we care for the environment!". When later after all the commotion and campaign is over, we will see this tree, at the nearby landfill, trying to decompose itself throughout eternity.
I think that the organizer should planned thoroughly or should I say "greenly" about the event and campaign. The bloop just indicated that they are not serious...what do you think jo?"

Jo Be replied the next day, here's what she said:

"... In response to your comment about the styrofoam, you have a very good point! Actually, in person, I'm pretty sure the trees were not styrofoam, they were a bit more solid but I was only on stage for a short while, so I could be wrong. I think the ball of the earth MUST have been though! I shall try and confirm! We need more artists like you to come up with more "green" designs and alternatives."

I believe it was made of polystyrene. The reporter from NTV7 even had mentioned it. I think a wiser alternative would be to use paper mache, or just plywood, so that I would last longer. Wood is still natural and it will deteriorate sooner and later. The only problem with the wood issue is that reserved forest are being exploited and while conservation of timber trees are in slow progress.

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