Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Recycling Progress

On earlier posts, I said that I need a recycle bin at home. I bought the bin a few weeks ago at Jusco. I thought that the department store would have a wider choice of recycle bins since they promote themselves as being green, but they only have the normal stepping bin for kitchen use. Alas, I only manage to get a large bin with a flipping top. Yeah, I bought only one. This is because there's not enough room under my kitchen sink or anywhere else in the small apartment of mine. I put all the recyclables in the bin and sort them later when it is full. Sounds like a plan...well we'll see.

And these are the stuff that I acummulated for many years. Plastics! Plastics! Plastics! Yes, I know they can be reused...but how long? If they get dirty or stained... and off to the garbage bin!
So we must opt for reusable shopping bags. preferably made from canvas or cloth.

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