Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Did you know how much we throw!

Did you know that solid waste is a big problem in our country? In an article I read from the Denmark Embassy, the danish are working on supplying technology and equipment and know-how about solid waste management. Here are some importants points I have highlighted.

1. In Peninsular Malaysia, the amount of solid waste generated went up from 16,200 tons per day in 2001 to 19,100 tons in 2005, an average of 0.8 kilogram per capita per day.

2. In KL only, the waste accumulates to 3000 tons a day! And it's not getting any smaller...

3. Our modern lifestyle is to blame for. We buy, we consume, we throw away the packaging easily....we don't think of what would happen to the waste. When it's gone from your sight, problem solve....not!

4. Almost half our waste consists of food waste, a quarter of waste generated are plastic. The rest are paper and iron. Approximately 95-97% of waste collected is taken to landfill for disposals. The remaining waste is sent to small incineration plants, diverted to recyclers/re-processors or is dumped illegally.

5. The government aims to have 22% of the waste recycled by 2020. The Solid Waste Management Bill, adopted by parliament in June 2007, is to drastically change the structure of solid waste management in Malaysia and to open up for the development of a completely new business sector.

6. New concessions on domestic waste management will be introduced, as well as recycling, and handling of specific types of solid waste like plastic, paper etc. is highlighted. A number of Malaysian investors are looking into this area, and many are looking for foreign partners with the necessary expertise.

But still I don't know how to really dispose our waste correctly. Should we separate food waste from the other waste....does it matter. You tell me...

Check out this site:
Solid Waste Management – growing opportunities in Malaysia

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