Thursday, June 19, 2008

Eco-friendly Shopping

Top: Biodegradable Plastic Bag. Bottom: Reusable Shopping Bag.

The next time you go shopping, don't just go and bring your purse. Sling your reusable shopping bag. While your at it, stuff up some of plastic bags that you shopped last week and reuse them to buy this weeks groceries. Trust me, you will make a difference. And I don't know if you have noticed, there are now biodegradable shopping bags available. This eco-friendly plastic bag deteriorates and breaks into small pieces you will have guilt free when you send them to the landfills.

Here in these pictures are the plastics and bags that I obtain from Jusco. I don't want to praise them big, but their initiative is okay. I to have biodegradable plastic bags is a way to go and I suggest that all hypermarkets do the same. The reusable shopping bag is okay, but I think Jusco should diversify the design. Not everything can fit into the RM4.90 nylon bag! I think to be more eco-friendly, use bags that are made from canvas or cloth.

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