Friday, June 6, 2008

My Little Apartment Garden

Back in my small apartment garden, there are no flowers, just greens. Want to see my little container garden?

Front: Japanese Sweet Potato Plant.
This plant grew from the basket in my pantry without any help. So I planted it in a good pot mix and some organic compost fertilizers. Every now and then, when the leaves are heavy, I pinch the shoots and boil them.
Usually I will get not more than a rice bowl. Good enough to eat for two with warm rice and sambal telur....delicious!
"My Baby Pandan Plant"
The reason why I started my little container garden. Good for sweet aroma for rice and hot teh 'O'.

Reusable stuff I used for gardening.

" My pride and JoY"
Little Tamarind Seedling is 5 months Old.

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