Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Making things right this time.....

So with this blog I commit myself to recycling! Sounds corny isnt it?

Being me, I wouldn’t make any move till I check the net to find out about how to recycle. I get useful resources from countries that are well aware of the environmental issue such as US, Japan and Australia. Unfortunately Malaysia has not many website that are dedicated to recycling. When I googled the keyword "kitar semula" the first hit is website ( ). Eventhough it has a some fancy website with the typewriter thingy going on, I am not impressed or satisfied by the site because it is not updated. The last input was 2002. That’s how old the National Recycling Day campaign was, I think? But at least I have the info of companies and the agency involve in the recycling program…and also the recycling centres.

I found that it the MPSJ website ( please visit , the municipal council for my area is more informative and also active. Kudos to MPSJ for a very compact website! I decided to write in and request for recycling bin at my apartment. Well it won't hurt to ask. Giving the reason there are many housewife that have no transport to travel to the nearest recycling bin. They officer replied my email but unfortunately said that they were out of stock and they will place a recycle bin if any company or organization that want to give up the bin. I was quite disappointed because the reply sounds like they do not have any budgets for recycling bins. But anyways, it didn't spoil my spirit. I just have to find the nearest recycling bin at my home. Thanks to MPSJ again for giving the info on the charts and schedule.

Recycle Bin in My Neighbourhood
From Left: Paper, Glass, Plastic, Aluminium

By now I have collected some recyclables in a large laundry basket.( No, I don’t have specific sorted bins yet) And they are ready to be sent for recycling. I found one recycling bins near the park by the mosque ( see pic below). Funny thing was I didn't notice it was there, when I have passed that area every other day for almost 5 years here. So I sorted them out, and put them in the respective bins. Mission accomplish. Felt better already! Next shop for a recycle bin to put under my kitchen sink.


Anonymous said...

Good on ya for taking the effort to do your bit for the environment. My sisters and I have been recycling - paper, metal, glass, plastic - for a while now. They take their stuff to the nearest shopping complexes with recyle bin facilities. As for me, I take them to my suburb's Resident Association's bins. Like you, I visited our National Recycling website (to check out what kind of platic I can recyle coz I've been including plastic bags and styrofoam in my recycling plastics) and boy was I disappointed. No effort has been made to update the website and that to me shows how much committment is being made to make Malaysia a green nation -- BIGmama

EliX said...

Hi. I'm also interested in recycling due to the better of the environment and it's nice to hear that another fellow member of this country takes these things pretty serious =) Respect. lol.

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