Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rubbish Attitude...Rubbish Minds...

pPreviously, the idea of recycling had been in my head but it never launched into reality for me. This is because, I didn’t made enough effort and I was being ignorant. Sure, I did collected empty plastic bottles, empty glass jars and newspapers but I didn’t allocate specific bins to put the recycle materials. They were always on the kitchen floor by the sink. So when I want to clean my kitchen, or any part of my apartment the plastic bottles would go in the black garbage bag and off it goes to the large garbage bin. I also felt that because there were no recycling bin in my area, I made an excuse not to recycle.

pBut lately the issue of lack of landfills and waste increase in our country called Malaysia has got me thinking. How did it become that way? As I take a walk around my neighbourhood, I see rubbish were thrown every where and it gets worse during the school holidays. Aren’t we trained to be clean at all times in school and especially at homes? If we are trained to be clean in the house, what about outside our homes?If we are not trained to care for the cleanliness, then how can we care for the environment??? I wonder if there is no intervention to this habit and attitude, what would the world looked like for our children? This scenario had made me feel bad and formed a lot of negative energy about the place I reside. The lack of civic-mindedness in our children and also adults means there is lacking of education and information about the environment we are living in. If there is, the information is not emphasized or not being updated.

So with this problem at hand, the most logical thing for me to do as an individual and as a member of
the community is to initiate the awareness within my home and family. Nevermind what my neighbours are doing. Nevermind if there is no recycle bins at my apartment. We simply cannot point fingers to the the government for not providing enough or blaming our neighbours for not teaching their children about cleanliness. It must start within the parameters of our home. I have a positive feeling that if I start recycling then others will follow. Well we'll see.

Say no to rubbish Attitude

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