Thursday, October 16, 2008

Recycle Plastic Drop Off

Before the festive month of Syawal, I had a chance to clean up my kitchen clearing up some of my recyclables under the kitchen sink. I decided to give away the plastics since they are the most in my collection.I am saving the rest of the recycle stuff, like aluminium cans to be recycle for cash. Anyways, I packed up the plastics , and surprisingly I had five bags loaded with PET plastic bottles, as well as other plastics as well such as empty rice packs, many unused plastic bags, mostly came from food packaging. I am still not sure whether all the plastics that I collected are recyclable or not, but because I had not much time to think, I loaded those bags in my car boot and off we went to the community recycle bin. This Raya, I did a good deed by recycling. Hopefully God loves me for this.

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siti mazwin kamaruddin said...

Hello there Ophie, salam aidilfitri..hope its not too late...just want to say I really admire your commitment towards our environment...and how nice that a sweet looking child is there to remember this...I'm sure she thinks this is cool...By the may I link your blog to mine?

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