Thursday, August 14, 2008

Welcome to my journey for greener suburban life.

Hi, welcome to my blog. I am Ophie and I would like to share with you my experience of becoming green for Malaysia. I started this blog with a conscience that our urban lifestyle has not been very friendly to the environment. We live in a way that our consumption has contributed to waste- lots of it!! Don't get me wrong, I'm not an eco-freak. Well not yet. What I am trying to communicate is how we Malaysians or anybody reading this can make some difference to the environment by making a few adjustment to our lifestyle.

Here in Malaysia, we are lucky that we have a lot of greeneries to boast about but development will soon take over and transform the greens to concrete walls and turn pristine rivers into murky ones. I hate to see that happen. But the world is constantly changing for progress, so do lifestyles. I wonder what our country would look like for our children in the next 20 years?

Currently, I am not happy with the environment where litters are seen everywhere. Garbage spills creates unbreathable air for residents. Drains are free access for hawkers to throw rubbish into. The cause for such nonsense comes from our attitudes and mindsets, taking for granted that someone else will clean our dirty laundry. As though that the environment needs more litterbugs?!!

Those are a few of the reasons why I started this blog. Another reason is that I would like to lead a very healthy life fill with positive thinking. Through out my whole life I have been whining and complaining of things and people around me and commenting of what should be done. This time around, I will initiate things that I think it should be done.

From the day I started this blog and right until now, I had done little things to make a difference in my life and the environment. I made out a list to track back those little things.

1. Manage domestic waste and recycle. Separate the recyclables from the non-recyclables.

2. Use bio-plastic garbage bag

3. Shopping with reusable shopping bags.

4. Lessen the consumption of polystyrene and plastics.

5. Recycle paper at work. Use both sides before going into recycle bin.

6. Correspond with FOMCA, MPSJ, Nestle and any body that I could discuss about how to clean up our urban mess!

7. Found local eco-friendly products like ECOPAK, SEKOPLAS, BPLAST.

I wish there are more in my list, but now it just have to do. If you like, just browse through my blog and and see whether I can do better. Feel free to comment. Share your thoughts. I would love some feedbacks.

Again, I would like to stress that I am not trying to reverse climate change. But I would like to see that the future generation will adopt lives that are not hazardous the the environment, like how we live right now. Hopefully, I still be around to see these changes, and so does this blog.

Cheers to Recycling and Saving the Environment for Our Children!


Akak Pok Pek said...

We are in the same path, my friend. I am sooo into recycling. I carry my own shopping bag in my purse wherever I go so that I do not need to use their plastic bags. I bring my owm container to buy roti canai from my neighbourhood mamak etc etc..My list goes on and on.

Good luck with our mission!

fiX-MySelf said...

i juz wnna say u hv done a nice work,creatin a blog about recycling. for the past few months i also have been into recycling.its not much, but least its sumthing, rite? whenever i go out at malls,etc, im reducing by using plastic bags. once, i returned the non-recycle plastic bags to the shop owner after i put the stuffs in my own bag. dats because i juz bought a small box of cream, but then, they give me a big plastic bag? anyway, nice work again.. wish u all the best!!!

Ophie R. Riff said...

Thanks for all the positive comments! So far I have notice some difference whenever I shop with a reusable shopping bag and I'm currently collecting the recyclables under my kitchen sink, which is already kinda overflowing. I will post some more articles regarding topics that I received from my email. Thanks again for all your support.
Happy recycling!

Anonymous said...

Good one on positivethinking and it helps a lot.

Karim - Positive thinking

redhotchilly12 said...

I really appreciate what you did in the world of recycle. This is a good idea upon participating in the world of recycle. This can save money and likewise can save the Earth!.. I admire your writing here. And showing some good reasons to recycle. Thanks for this great info's here.

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