Thursday, October 16, 2008

Plastic Ice Cream Tubs

Don't you love ice-cream! Mmmmm..yummy...

Having a kid in the house, I always have to make sure that I have some sugar loaded snacks in the kitchen pantry or in the fridge. One of my favourite treats for my kid is some cool ice cream. I usually buy the 1 litre tub to stock in the freezer. Whenever I chose to buy ice-cream, I usually think of of what flavour that I want, which brand is better, a reasonable price, and last but not least the shape of the tub. The ice-cream tub is reusable and is quite useful to store food in the freezer of in the fridge. So I usually choose the ones that has a lasting lid. Other than storing food, some design can be made as a plant container. Or instant organizing box. Just think of fun ways to make use of this versatile container. Keep on saving those plastic tubs, wash them out well and stack them by size.

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