Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Taking a new direction

Hello guys, gals, readers of all ages and friends to the environment.

Hey! I am blogging again. It has been quite a while since I blurt out my angst and frustration about recycling. And frankly speaking I have not been recycling that often.(No, I'm not selling out, not just yet). But for the past year, there have been great improvements towards my community. The supermarket that I always shop for groceries is turning 'green' by supplying biodegradable plastic bags. Hooray for OTK! However, you have to be careful though. They'll chase you out if you bring your own shopping bags! My apartment garbage dumpster has been replaced with a new bin,eventhough those are not recycle bins. And I've been answering emails requesting for a biodegradable plastic for herbal soap, Hijau Kembali's Can of Worm and all sorts of positive feedback from readers out there. Thank you again for your support.

For the past 10 month or so, I have taken another direction towards pursuing an environmental act of consciousness. Yes!This urban chick has become country-gal! Yee haa!..Well sort of, in a way. Actually my in-laws have been working on a cattle ranch, at Kg Sepat, Kuantan. My father in law takes care almost 3 acres of napier grass planting to cater supplements food for the cattles. My mom in law helps out and she plants all sort of plants. From banana plants, lemongrass, gingers, brinjals to chilis. My mom in law, or better known as Wan has always been a 'greenthumb'. So far, she managed to gather produce for her daily usage, and now she sells them to the local vegetable seller nearby. I, on the other hand, love to help whenever I can, at the ranch and garden.I usually spend my weekend there. Since my free time is always there, I've decided to blog about it. I've to apologize if the entry has no direct relations with recycling or Malaysia. But at least, my blog will show a urbanite viewpoint of what it is like planting and gardening at a rural area, such as Kg Sepat. Remember, what you are about to read are first hand experience!

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