Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour 2009: Countdown.

With the Earth Hour just hours away, I planned the day clearing out the recycle materials. I got an idea for tonight. If you have the materials that I have, I think you still have time to do this instant recycled craft.

First, get some empty dishwash liquid bottles. Tear out the labels.

Cut the top quarter of the bottle diogonally, like you see in this pics.

Place a candle stick in the center of the bottle. Remember to put melted wax on the base. Before that I inserted a small tomato puree can to stabilize the base.

Voila! Instant candle holder. Have a dozen of them placed on the table top and against the wall and you'll have a very chic candle lit room for a special occasion for Earth Hour.
Happy Earth Hour, everyone!

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Sandy said...

Thanks for this awesome post. Keep up the great job on recycling there. Something else that's related to your post is this video from a green group in YouTube. You gotta see the video; I'm a big fan...

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