Monday, March 30, 2009

Earth Hour 2009: 60 minutes without electricity.

For Earth Hour, switching off the lights does not mean we all must go in the dark. I created a few mini lantern by using empty dishwashing liquid bottles and some tealights. Just a few of them brightened the room.

For an hour of 'dark' activity at home, we made some shadow puppets using recycled cardboard boxes that I saved for recycling. It does come handy for instant crafts like this one. I asked my daughter to participate by drawing her favourite figure. She really love mermaids and underwater creatures. So we drew the image and cut out the shape.

Some holes were made using a puncher to illuminate the figurine puppet. I attached a drinking straw to hold the puppet.

My daughter love the whole experience of playing shadow puppet behind a candle light. For me, it reminds me of my childhood years. Using creativity and our imagination for such times like this is the most memorable moment of our lives. But most of all, it reminds us to appreciate what we take for granted for: electricity and energy.

How was your Earth Hour? Do share your thoughts.


Gallivanter said...

Cool, I spent Earth Hour jamming on my acoustic guitar and making evil faces as seen on my latest blog post. :-)


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