Monday, July 14, 2008

Energy Saving- It works! Do your tiny bit...for your household bills

Last month I pledged to conserve energy for the betterment of the planet as well as cutting down on my monthly expenses. I concentrated on my electricity and water usage. To read on the post to pledge click here.

This what I did:

1. Turn off all lights and fans that are not in use or when leaving the room.

2. Unplugging electric appliance like hairdryer, rice cooker, washing machine and phone chargers.

3. Set the air-conditioning timer for half of hour sleeping time, let say for 3 hours. But I'd leave the fan on till morning.

4. Iron all that I can within two hours while watching Private Practice and Desperate Housewife back to back.

5. Sleep early and shut off TV all lights!

6. When cooking, allocate a day to blend stuff like chilli, shallots and garlic and store them in a fridge. On other days, chopped or crush, rather than blend.

7. To save water, I run the washing machine on full load but on quick wash. I pretreat stains before washing.

8. Get quick showers.

By doing only those few little things, I already save on my bills by 20%.

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